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Founded in 1991, Municon is a trusted structural and geotechnical instrumentation monitoring services provider. For over 25 years, Municon has provided monitoring services on both public and private projects to contractors, engineers, and other stakeholders. We have gained a reputation as the go-to firm for sound and vibration monitoring services by identifying complex challenges, deploying the appropriate personnel and equipment, and solving problems using an integrated, value-added approach to instrumentation.

Municon continually looks towards employing new technical developments and methodologies in our industry. Municon offers advanced automated monitoring systems to monitor the safety and integrity of buildings, large excavations, dams, bridges, mines, embankments, and slopes. We help our clients manage risk by utilizing the latest advancements in geotechnical and structural instrumentation and automated data collection systems, and by employing sophisticated data processing techniques to deliver timely warnings and reports.

Our extensive equipment includes piezometers, settlement platforms, tiltmeters, beam sensors, load cells, extensometers, seismographs, sound level meters, and inclinometers.

Municon West Coast installs and manages geotechnical instrumentation equipment that provides real time data for dams, tunnels, bridges, excavation support systems and other critical structures.

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Municon West Coast provides vibration monitoring services to help you control the impacts of vibrations from construction operations on adjacent people and structures.

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Municon West Coast provides long-term continuous sound monitoring with automated remote reading capabilities for documenting compliance with local noise ordinances.

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Photo and video documentation surveys protect the contractor and property owners against unsupported claims of construction-generated damages.

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