MUNICON Consultants

The company is a purveyor of geotechnical instrumentation services to contractors, engineers and owners in the heavy construction industry.

Established in 1991 the company is located strategically in the San Francisco Bay Area, positioned to continue its steady growth as the West Coast continues to expand, replace and rehabilitate facilities and infrastructure. As ENR noted in its January 2005 issue, If California were a country, it would be the ninth largest market in the world."

The Company provides geotechnical instrumentation services for monitoring excavations and structures appurtenant to heavy construction operations such as highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, deep excavations and underpinning works. Equipment includes piezometers, settlement platforms, tiltmeters, beam sensors and inclinometers, many operated via Campbell and Geokon dataloggers and some remotely operated with solar power and cell phone remote access. The Company owns most of its instruments and fabricates its own hydraulic settlement platforms.

The Company is the largest purveyor of vibration monitoring services for heavy construction on the West Coast with over 60 general purpose construction monitoring seismographs and accelerometers and related technical equipment. It provides vibration monitoring services and consultation in connection with blasting, pile driving, deep dynamic compaction, stone column compaction, pipe bursting, demolition and general construction. Some seismographs are equipped for remote reading with cellular phones and solar panels for efficient and economical monitoring.

The Company owns both high dynamic range and high frequency hydrophones and Iotech high frequency digitizing loggers with on water capability in the form of a small fleet of near shore capable boats.

The company is recognized as a specialist in pre-construction and pre-blast photo surveys.

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