Vibration Monitoring

Municon West Coast provides vibration monitoring of heavy construction operations. We offer both on-site active monitoring and remote monitoring. The on-site active monitoring involves a qualified technician who handles and operates the seismographs and is perfect for short-term jobs such as pile driving or blasting. For longer construction projects, remote monitors can be installed and monitored for extended periods of time for a flat monthly fee.


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33 Tehama Street

San Francisco, California

The building at 33 Tehama Street is a 35-story high-rise building. During construction, an excavation to 55-feet below street level required extensive shoring to support the adjacent Fremont Street off-ramp and neighboring buildings. Municon provided photo documentation, noise and vibration monitoring, and in-place inclinometer monitoring.

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The New Irvington Tunnel

Sunol Valley, California

The $259-million New Irvington Tunnel project consists of the construction of a new 3.5 mile long tunnel with internal diameter of about 8.5 ft. Constructed to deliver drinking water to the Bay Area, the tunnel is 30 to 700 feet underground and crosses two major seismic fault zones. Municon provided noise and vibration monitoring services during this exciting and complex project.

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San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

The eastern span replacement of the Bay Bridge consisted of replacing a seismically unsound portion of the bridge with a new self-anchored suspension bridge and a pair of viaducts. This 7-year-long project is considered to be one of California's largest public works project to date. Municon provided off shore vibration monitoring using underwater benthic seismometers during the test piling program, and on shore vibration monitoring throughout the entire construction process.

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For the last 20 years, Municon has been one of the largest purveyors of vibration monitoring services for heavy construction on the West Coast. With over 120 general purpose construction monitoring seismographs, accelerometers and related technical equipment, we have provided vibration monitoring services to help control the impacts of vibrations from construction operations such as:

  • Heavy demolition and blasting
  • Pile driving
  • Deep dynamic compaction and other ground improvement operations
  • Tunneling
  • Deep excavations in urban settings

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