Sewell’s Landing in Horseshoe Bay

Designed by Merrick Architecture, Sewell’s Landing is a picturesque development in Horseshoe Bay featuring 158 terraced units among 7 mixed-used buildings. Some of the buildings are lightly loaded 2-story townhomes, while several of the buildings feature 12-stories above-grade with 3 underground parking levels. The new project will extend the public foreshore by 400 ft.

Where underground parking is utilized, Geopacific Consultants designed the excavation and shoring for excavations up to 50 ft deep. The shoring systems included secant pile wall systems, conventional anchored shotcrete walls, sheetpiles, and rock anchors. Geopacific Consultants also designed the various foundation systems, including shallow (strip and pad footings) and deep (streel pipe pile and micropile) foundations.

In partnership with Geopacific Consultants, Municon provided vibration monitoring for this project. We deployed two Instantel Micromates seismographs with Sierra Wireless RV50 modems at monitoring spots adjacent to the active construction. We recorded both vibration PPV (mm/s) and acoustics (dB), and displayed the data on-site as well as provided automatic reporting to the client. 


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