Existing Conditions Photo and Video Documentation

Municon began the business by photographing 350 destroyed home sites of the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991, and have continued to provide pre- and post-construction photo and video documentation for public and private projects throughout California and Nevada. The photo and video documentation provides the contractor and property owners against unsupported claims of construction-generated damages.


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Salesforce Tower

San Francisco, California

This office tower is the 7th tallest building in the United States at 1,070 feet. The tower is supported on cast-in-place foundations extending to depths of approximately 265 feet. The project included excavation, shoring, and foundations necessary to support a three-level below-grade parking structure. Municon provided photo and video documentation of the project, as well as sound monitoring since construction operated on a 24-hour basis.

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181 Fremont Street

San Francisco, California

This 54-story high rise project, completed in 2018, is just south of the new Salesforce Transit Center. The tower is a steel frame structure extending to 700 feet with a spire to 802 feet. The tower foundation is 64 feet below grade allowing for 5 levels of parking. Municon performed preconstruction photo surveys of the neighboring historic buildings. Municon also wrote the Vibration Control Plan and provided vibration monitoring throughout construction.

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Pac Bell Park

San Francisco, California

Now Oracle Park, this ballpark received rave reviews as one of the most beautiful ballparks when it opened in April of 2000. The ballpark is located in downtown San Francisco with sweeping views of the Bay Bridge and the marina. In the late 1990s, Municon conducted pre- and post-construction photo and video surveys of 84 businesses, condominiums, apartments, and other structures adjacent to the construction site. Municon continues the same standard of excellence today.

High resolution digital photographs and/or video are used to document existing conditions prior to construction and verify conditions after construction. Pre-construction and post-construction photo and video surveys:

  • Comprehensively include the construction site and staging areas.
  • Include unique images stamped with time, date and location.
  • Serve as a thorough record of the adjacent structures and facilities prior to construction and verify their condition once construction is completed.
  • Can also include crack gauges to monitor displacements before and after construction.

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