33 Tehama Street

This project consisted of the demolition of an existing 400-square-foot maintenance shed and surface parking lot, and the construction of a 35-story tower building. The building at 33 Tehama was designed by noted architect Arquitectonica, and consists of 403 residences, sophisticated amenities, three floors of subterranean parking, and ground level retail space. The ground level retail space has been specifically designed to open out onto the proposed Oscar Park.

The project site is located in the commercial and residential SoMa district of San Francisco. The project required an excavation to 55-feet below street level with extensive shoring to support the adjacent Fremont Street off-ramp and neighboring buildings.

We deployed our industry standard seismographs and sound level meters at the office and residential properties surrounding the project site to monitor both construction-induced and ambient noise and ground-borne vibrations. In-place inclinometers (IPIs) were installed on the project's shoring system soldier beams. The IPIs were monitored for potential deflection of the project's shoring system. All equipment installed at the project was remotely monitored via cellular connectivity with the individual instruments.


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